About us

Natural decorative stone, in particular granite, has been actively used at all times for the construction of estates and landscaping, being a symbol of prosperity, solidity and durability, while creating a unique charm of antiquity, as well as creating all the conditions for home comfort. The aesthetic and at the same time wide utilitarian possibilities of this unique material will allow you to express your character, your energy and your vision of beauty in your own project, whatever it may be: the design of the mansion, the landscape design of the estate or the strict business style of the office.

The Labradorite team aims to simplify the process of searching, selecting and ordering products from granite as much as possible, to provide you with the necessary information about all the nuances of materials such as granites, labradorites and gabbro.

Our company offers a wide range of high-quality products from granites of Ukrainian deposits - granite paving, chopped, heat-treated, sawn-chopped, polished and heat-treated granite tiles, granite curbs, steps, window sills, tabletops, balls, vases, balusters, railings and parapets, fountains, shaped processing of the ends of all products.

The service of optimized delivery of products to the facility in any region of Ukraine is provided, involving dispatching companies. A highly qualified professional team of workers will quickly install the entire range of granite products according to the wishes of the Customer.