We work with all Ukrainian Labradorites. You can choose the best one for you from the list. Any of these Labradorites can make your project look amazing and unbelievable pretty!
Volga Blue Extra
The most beautiful Labradorite is Volga Blue Extra. It has black background and a lot of blue spots.
Volga Blue Classic
Very beautiful one is Volga Blue Classic. With black background, light green-grey veins and medium blue-green irrizating spots.
Irina Blue
Irina Blue Labradorite has a lot of green veins, black background and small blue spots.
Galactic Blue
Galactic Blue has grey (with silver shade) background and blue spots.
Bluestone Kovali Labrador
Kovali Labrador is similar to bluestone - dark blue-grey background, small grained structure.
Black Ice
Black Ice is the Labradorite without blue colours. It has just black background and silver spots.

You can order:

  1. Slabs;
  2. tiles;
  3. paving stone (flags or split setts) and sawn/flamed setts;
  4. polished kitchen tops;
  5. flamed or honed stairs;
  6. bevelled windowsills;
  7. bar tops;
  8. balusters;
  9. balustrades;
  10. balls;
  11. fountains;
  12. fireplace facing;
  13. thick split/rustic surface tiles for decorating house and fence base;
  14. sawn and flamed paver slabs;
  15. kerbs.
We provide extensive and detailed advice on the whole range of Labradorite stone and other granite works for our partners and customers!
Cooperating with our company, you get a quality product from the manufacturer and detailed information on all aspects of the use of Labradorite products!